Livepeer Grants

Explore a list of Grant opportunities within the Livepeer ecosystem.

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Start Up Grant

For new Orchestrators

Earn a temporary stake to jump start your Orchestrator node.

The goal of this program is to promote node branding, Livepeer leadership and spotlight high performing Orchestrators.

Staking will last 45 days and will help drive Transcoding traffic to your node while giving your node a jump start in gathering new Delegators.

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Community Node Grants Program

We are seeking projects and will provide grants for:

  • Pricing Tools: Tools and guides to help enable orchestrators and broadcasters monitor and compare off chain pricing (like an ETHgastation for Livepeer).
  • Developer Guides: Tutorials and guides that showcase how to use the Livepeer public network in an application
  • Transcoder Pools: The Streamflow proposal introduces the idea of public transcoding pools that operate under the purview of an Orchestrator. Help make this a reality.
  • Orchestrator Infrastructure Tools: Tools to help orchestrators better monitor and manage their transcoding infrastructure
  • GPU Transcoding & Mining Operation Tools
  • Broadcast Tools & Open Source Video Applications
  • Community Building & Educational Content
  • Protocol Infrastructure
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Livepeer Bounties

Explore a list of Bounties within the Livepeer ecosystem.

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Content Bounty - Educational Game

This is a Bounty to produce Educational Content for the Livepeer Academy website

The content should be an interactive educational game that will be listed under the “Gamification” section of the Livepeer Academy.

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