How do I use Google’s Dynamic DNS to point a Domain to an IP address?2021-12-06T15:39:09-05:00
How do I use Google's Dynamic DNS to point a Domain to an IP address? - Livepeer Academy
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I purchased a domain with Google and I see they have a dynamic DNS records section however I don’t know what I need to do to set it up so my domain points to my IP. I’ve already set up my records for my Domain and I’m not sure what needs to be changed/removed.

I’ve used before but the process was different.

How do I make my domain point to my dynamic IP so I can use it as my service URI for my node? 

Strykar Answered question December 7, 2021
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You will need to setup Dynamic DNS, see the bottom of the image above.
It works like this, you tell Google DNS that this particular hostname is dynamic, Google will set a short (usually 1 hour) Time-To-Live (TTL) for that CNAME. Then you need to run one of the many available “Dynamic DNS” clients like DDClient or INADYN that support Google DNS on your PC, (OpenWRT routers can also do this), to tell Google DNS what your new IP is every time it changes.

Authority_Null Posted new comment December 7, 2021

I’ll play around with this when my O isn’t so busy. Gonna try to use NO-IP and have my domain go through their name servers. I’ll get back to this thread with an update once it’s all set up, thanks! 🙂

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