What do the Daily Projected Income & Expected Payout panels in Grafana tell us?2021-12-06T19:42:03-05:00
What do the Daily Projected Income & Expected Payout panels in Grafana tell us? - Livepeer Academy
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How are these panels calculated and what relevant information can we take from them, Since clearly they don’t make much sense with how the eth payout system currently works.

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The projected income is based on data from the last 7 days. It tells you how much you theoretically should earn per day – without the lottery system. I agree that it might be better to take a longer timeframe – e.g. projected monthly income based on data from the last 30 days (can easily be adjusted in Grafana). It gives me an idea of how much “income” I can expect on average

Expected payout is simply the sum of all the ticket values that you received. It gives you an idea of how much work you’ve been doing.

In the long run, those numbers should match the payout you’re getting from winners

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Ahhh, ok so this data is actually quite useful then, awesome.

This leaves me wondering though, is the daily income based on inflationary LPT rewards? If it’s not based on the lottery system, that’s the only other form of income we have and if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better for the panel to calculate income in LPT instead of eth?

No, the daily income is solely based on your transcoding work.

The particular formula for daily expected income is as follows:


Each ticket is worth 2,833,000 wei and the formula just changes it to Gwei.

The above would be the addition of all tickets with that value as each ticket also has a % chance to be a winner so between the payout / chance to win you can get an estimated value of each ticket if the probability is accurate.

That makes sense! Thanks guys.

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