Livepeer Tools

Links to tools to help your journey.

Livepeer Explorer – The official explorer of Livepeer

Livepeer Ingest Server Status Page – The status of’s ingest servers

Livepeer Audit – Trail of Bits – The external audit of Livepeer’s Smart Contract and Token Protocol – Livepeer on-chain analytics

Dune Analytics – Livepeer rewards and fees dashboards

Web3 Index – A list of Web3 protocols and their revenue

Orchestrator Profit Calculator – A third party calculator for estimating profits

NVIDIA GPU Matrix – List of GPUs with Encoding and Decoding chips

GPU Comparison Tool – A tool for comparing GPUs and their specifications

Hardware Transcoding Cheat Sheet – Benchmarked results of GPUs used for transcoding

Linux Plex Media Server Cheat Sheet – A breakdown of transcoding results from Cheat Sheet

Top Performers  – Third Party Orchestrator performance leader board

Test Stream Results –  Third Party test stream results for Orchestrators

Uptime Monitor  – A monitor commonly used for monitoring server uptime

Stream Selection Process – An explanation and discussion about the default selection process for Livepeer streams

IP Address Lookup – A tool for looking up IP address location, commonly used to see where incoming streams are coming from

DNS Lookup – A domain search tool to look up domain records

Geo-Location DNS Propagation  – A tool to look up DNS propagation results and ensure geo-location features are working

Latency Traceroute Tool – A tool to test network paths and latency between hops

Router Port Forwarding Guide– A helpful tool to help guide users through the port forwarding process on your router

How to set up a Livepeer Node and earn over $1000 per month – A guide published by Nico on how to set up a Livepeer Node

Prometheus and Grafana – A guide by vires in numeris on how to set up monitoring your node

GPU Concurrent Session Keylase Patch – A guide to override concurrent sessions limits imposed by NVIDIA

Geo-Location DNS Setup – A guide by Titan Node on how to set up nodes in different geographical locations

Probabilistic Micropayments – The official implementation of how Orchestrators get paid