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Delegate Your LPT To Earn Rewards

Learn how to buy LPT and delegate your LPT tokens to earn rewards on the Livepeer network.

Delegators earn fees from Orchestrators that perform Transcoding work and provide security to the network.

How To Buy
How To Stake
How To Choose An Orchestrator


Become A Video Miner!

Learn how to set up a Livepeer Orchestrator node to earn passive income with Video Mining.

In this series you will learn how to get started on the Livepeer network and provide Transcoding resources to Livepeer customers.

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Use The Livepeer Network For Your App

Learn how to use Livepeer APIs to add decentralized live-streaming to your app or for personal use.

Livepeer is 10x cheaper than most competitors and provides flexible and scalable streaming infrastructure.

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